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UNIMAT CNC Horizontal Mill - UNI-FRAES-H3

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UNIMAT CNC Horizontal Mill

Especially for our innovative customers the Unimat MetalLine has been expanded by the CNC function. Because of the proven modularity of the Unimat system almost countless combination possibilities and application areas are available.. The Unimat- CNC slides, vertical- and layer mills as well as the lathe are equipped with 2A stepper motors.

These stepper motors can be controlled by the free software EMC2 within the software package CoolCNC Linux, the commercial, Windows-based software CoolCNC or other CNC applications.

Technical Data

Number of CNC axes 3
Drive Steppers, 2 A, 1.8°
Thread spindles Ø 6 mm, 1 mm pitch
Accuracy 0,07 mm
Max. positioning speed 300 mm/min
Travels Z/Y 50 mm (expandable)/50 mm
Travel X-axis 145 mm (expandable)
Speed of head spindle 3.300 rpm, with 1/8" collet


Electronic box LIN-CONTR: Required for controlling the UNIMAT CNC machines.

Power supply 110/220 V, 24 V DC, 4 A Micro steps p. step 4
Input Parallel 25 Pins Software included: CoolCNC Linux EMX2 Live-CD
Output 4 motor plugs, 5-pole DIN-socket Optional: 5th axis, 5 Inputs/2 Outputs for limit switch/control signals,
programmable spindle speed
Axes controllable 4